Foreign passport holders travelling to Cameroon are hereby informed that our new visa application forms are now available for download or at our office, and they will henceforth fulfil the following requirements in order to obtain a visa form the High Commission.

Please read the following notes carefully as they provide up to date information which may not be present on the visa application form.

Also see the new consular services fees effective from the 20th March 2017.
For visitors requiring expedited visas, please read the following public notice. An additional charge of £25 is payable for those requiring their visa to be sent to them by post.

(A) Documents to be submitted:
  • A passport valid for at least 6 months.
  • Two completed application forms.
  • Two clear passport-size photographs taken frontally.
  • A stamped self-addressed envelope if you require the visa to be posted back to you.
  • A legalised letter of invitation with the Cameroon Police from either the host/contact/partner in Cameroon (accompanied by a legalised copy of the Cameroonian National Identity Card or Residence Permit).
  • Return or continuation ticket.
  • Bank statement (at least £1, 000), except where a tour operator/travel agency is organising a trip.
  • Visa application fees. This is currently £100 for 3 months and £200 for 6 months.
  • Travel Insurance.
  • A Valid Poliomyelitis Vaccination Certificate.
  • Marriage Certificate for mixed couple and a letter from the Cameroonian partner.
  • Child’s Birth Certificate and a letter from one or both parents allowing the child to travel. This must be accompanied by the parent’s identification document (e.g. passport) for cross-referencing procedures.
(B) Official/Diplomatic/Courtesy visas:
  • Items 1,2,& 3 (in section A) and a note verbal are required
  • Conditions of reciprocity apply
Application Procedure

Completed applications should be lodged at the reception desk of the High Commission between 10.00am to 13.00pm, Monday to Thursday, except on bank, (public) holidays in England and Cameroon. The High Commission’s services is closed to the public on Fridays.

The presence of visa applicants at the High Commission may be required for purposes of identification.

Passports are generally ready for collection within 48 hours. Collection is between 2.00pm and 3.30pm every working day. Request for accelerated processing should be justified. If not, it is the normal waiting period, which applies.

Application Fees:

1 day to 3 months = £100. 1 day to 6 months = £200.
NB: In cash or postal money order please. The above amounts are subject to variation.

Currency Regulations (on entry)
Importation: No limit on amount of foreign currency. Total amount must be declared for travelling residents.

Exportation: The amount of local currency (cash) that can be exported is limited to £20

Sanitary Requirements

Compulsory vaccines:

  • Yellow Fever
  • Cholera (If coming from affected area). Proof required at port of entry.

Recommended Vaccines

  • Typhoid
  • Meningitis
  • Malaria protection

The importation of firearms is subjected to prior authorisation by competent Cameroonian authorities. Applications can be made through the High Commission.

Journalist and Cinematographers:
  • Require accreditation to operate in Cameroon.
  • Forms are available at the High Commission or downloaded from the Ministry of Communication website.
  • All accreditation formalities are completed by the competent Department of the Ministry of Communication in Yaounde.
  • The above conditions do not apply to amateur/tourist photography. Airports, military personnel in uniform and strategic sites may not be photographed.

The Port Police will issue authorisation to seamen stopping over if they need to leave the port area. They must have ample justification.

Visa Application form